R & Predictive Analytics

One of the most crucial and in demand programs of the Analytics Industry. This program covers R Programming and the application of Analytics and ML Techniques on R.

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Python and Data Science

Python and the application of Data Science on Python has become a crucial skill set for all Data Science aspirants across the globe and especially for professionals in India.

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BIBA Modules

The BIBA or Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Module is our leading comprehensive full stack module for professionals looking at Data Science and Analytics careers.

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Excel for Business

Base , Intermediate and Advanced Excel Certifications available.

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Data Handling

The Data Interpretation program is for Students who have just completed their Class 12 Board Exams to 1st Year College.

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Tableau is one of the worlds most power Data Visualisation tools and a crucial component of an analytics professionals profile.

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Power BI

Power BI is a crucial Data Visualisation tool produced by Microsoft.

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SQL is the standard language for managing and manipulating data in relational databases, which are widely used in data science and analytics roles.

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Job Applications

OrangeTree Global has a dedicated team which prepares students and professionals for Analytics Jobs and Interviews.

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