Learn From the Basics of Analytics

Our programs require no prior background or knowledge. In fact, we insist you leave all the teaching to us. We start from scratch.

Case Studies & Live Projects

Learn through the application of real time data and business
scenarios. This is crucial if you are looking at understanding this field.

Mentors & Alumni Support

We are fortunate enough to have a host of Industry Mentors.
Our students get to interact with Senior Analytics Professionals.

Analytics Jobs and Opportunities

The focus of our programs is to help professionals upskill
themselves and apply for jobs and opportunities in the Analytics Industry.

Our Premium Learning Tracks

Flexible enough for any type of project, resourceful enough to make you expert!

Business Intelligence & Business Analytics (BIBA)

Machine Learning and AI

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It Is Never Too Late to Learn Analytics

There are people who are eager to move to Analytics careers but do not have the requisite skill sets. As we move into our 12th year in the Analytics Industry, OrangeTree Global has designed specific courses for freshers and working professionals who are looking at moving to Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data Careers.

  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Careers
  • Free Resources
  • Python
  • R
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Advanced Excel
  • SQL

How it works

Plan and structure your workflow in the way that makes sense for your career.

01. Identify Your Need. Talk to us.

9/10 times we see data science and analytics professionals doing courses not aligned to their needs. Why would a professional looking at starting his or her career need to do an AI module? Its important you research, and ask questions. Talk to us. Spend some time in understanding what would suit you and your schedule.

02. Select a Program

Don't select a program. Select a ''Goal". Ask your self what kind of job, role or company are you aspiring to join? What kind of money do you want to earn? Once you have answered these questions now ask yourself what are the skills you need to reach that goal. If all this is a tad confusing. Call us.

03. Design a Schedule

Its important you set deadlines and milestones. All our programs are VILT. Virtual Lead Instructor Trainings. See your work schedule and see when you can devote time. 2 to 3 times a week for a few hours should be more than enough. Remember our programs are designed for working professionals. We expect you to be busy,

04. Applying for Jobs

When you are towards completing the program you will need to start preparing for Jobs. We will help you design your resume and guide you for interviews and job applications. Over the table interviews are a passé. Social Media presence, case studies lateral thinking are just some of the areas you need to be prepared with.

05. Securing a job and helping others

Once you have secured your job we encourage alumni and ex students to help other job seekers. Over the last decade we have built a strong network of alumni and consultants who are grateful for the help they have received from one another and are eager to give back. This spirits is the true reason for our success!

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What Makes us Stand Out

We have impacted individuals in companies across the region

Why you need Analytics

Meet Tanvi. Here is her story.

Meet Tanvi!

Tanvi is a buddying professional who is on the verge of completing her education.

Applying for Data Science Jobs

Tanvi knows how crcuail Analytics is. Data Science jobs are in high demand. She has just started applying for jobs online and through friends. Slowly she is becoming aware of what companies are looking for in prospective candidates.

Tanvi is confused!

While searching online she has come across an overload of information. Processing all the info and filtering what is necesaary and relevant for her immediate future is not going to be easy. Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Big Data..the list goes on!

I need some special skills in Data Science!

Tanvi begins to realise that companies are looking for special skills and knowledge. SHe needs to learn the necessary tools if she is to get noticed. But she has so many questions! She needs some professional guidance.

Calling us for professional advice

It is crucial you have the right partner to guide you. Everybody's needs and learning capabilities are difference. A working mother will have different commitments compared to a fresh graduate. All are looking at careers in Data Science.

Talk to us and then decide!

People talk to us 2 to 3 times before making a decision. We feel it is important to give students and professionals a patient hearing to understand their needs exactly, Tanvi registered a online meeting and spoke to one of our Directors.

Tanvi is now ready!

Tanvi has just completed a hour long video call with one of our Directors.

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