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OrangeTree Global is currently one of India’s leading Business Analytics and Business Intelligence training organization in India. Every year thousands of professionals come to us to learn SAS,Analytics,SPSS,Advance Excel & R and move into better roles and greater salaries. With regional offices across Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata, we have today an impressive list of Academic and Corporate Clients across India.

Our program and e-prospectus can be applied for free of cost. Please feel free to drop us a mail or call us at any one of our center.


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"How on earth can a 3 month program help me move into a totally different domain like Analytics at a Salary double of what I am currently getting?" Souvik like many others joined our program in spite of being skeptical. "I joined because the program was highly recommended by Senior Professionals in the Analytics Industry. OrangeTree Global enjoys tremendous good will. Post the program Souvik joined HSBC Analytics and is grateful to this day. We urge you to spend 5 mins on this website. Schedule an appointment with one of our Centers and see if your profile is meant for the industry.