We try our best to take feedback from all students and professionals who appear for interviews in Analytics. Based on this feedback, our Careers and HR Team made a list of the top questions companies across India are currently asking Students when it comes to Power BI.

These top 11 Power BI interview questions & answers help a professional or anyone who is aspired to pursue this program and get an additional boost in their profile. These Microsoft Power BI interview questions assist you to explore the core knowledge of Power BI and assist in acing the interview and get that dream job you always wanted or get that job promotion that you were eyeing from a long time.

This is an interesting knowledge matter, useful for both professionals and freshers who are inspired to put in efforts and make their career worth their time and efforts.

Here, we have taken expert advice and gathered few sample power BI Interview Question and their answers are given just below for your help. Framed by industry veterans to give you an idea of the type of questions which could be asked in Power BI interviews, whether you want an opportunity outside or applying for an internal promotion. It has been developed to offer to correct answers for all your Power BI interactions at one place.

1. Define Power BI or What do you know about Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based information sharing tool which enables anybody to examine and visualize information with noteworthy speed, productivity, and comprehension. In addition to it, the tool also assists in associating clients to an extensive variety of information with the assisting simple to-operate dashboards and interactive reports that brings data to life.

2. Give the names of parts of Power BI?

Power BI: Power BI enable clients to imagine, visualize, interpret with a high rate of execution.

Excel BI Tool-Kit: In the heart of Microsoft’s Power BI is the Excel BI toolkit, it is what gives it power and boost. This comprises of Excel and four add-ins which enable us to shape, transfer, create and project the analyzed data, let’s have a look at the components:

There are main four component, namely – Power Query, Power View, Power Pivot, Power Map.

  • Power Query: This easily investigates, change public and internal information and access to information sources.
  • Power View: Primarily, it analyses and represents data in an interactive data visualization manner using Power View.
  • Power Pivot: It works as an information modeling for in-memory analytics.
  • Power Map: Assist in bringing information to life with visualization techniques that are interactive.

3. Can you name, few of the filters used in Power BI reports?

Some filters used in Power BI reports are:

  • Visual level Filters
  • Drill through Filters
  • Page Level Filters
  • Report Level Filters

4. Explain Power BI Desktop?

By offering the Most Advanced Data Visualization, Power BI Desktops works well with Microsoft Power BI service by giving the most advanced data modeling, visualization, report creation with profoundly interactive visualizations. You can distribute your information and reports aptly to your Power BI site for others to analyze.

5. What do you mean by content packs, explain?

These are pre-developed solutions for popular administrations as one of the features of the Power BI experience. A presenter of a supported service may interface their account from Power BI. They would be able to see their data in lively formats, live dashboards, and reports that were pre-developed for them. Primarily, there are multiple types of refresh that can happen in Power BI, namely – Model or data refresh, tile refresh, package refresh & visual container refresh.

6. Give names of various component of Power BI?

This is one of the most common Microsoft Power BI interview questions. Let us find its answer:

  • Power Query
  • Power BI Service
  • Power View
  • Power Pivot
  • Power Map
  • Power BI Q&A
  • Data Catalogue.
  • Data Management Gateway

7. What do you understand by Power BI Designer?

The is one of the solitary application in which you can make Power BI reports and transfer it to without any requirement of Excel. It is mainly, a mix of Power Query, Power View, and Power Pivot.

8. Describe some benefits of using variables in DAX?

Variables are the ones which make more unconstrained DAX expressions that are more consistent to interpret. It mostly cannot be shared (by queries) or characterized (model level). It is declared the variables can be recycled, reused for various circumstances (in DAX expressions). In this manner, it usually stays away from extra queries of ref. or source database.

  1. What do you understand by Power Pivot?

It assists in analyzing our data and settle on convenient business choices without the requirement of IT support. The large scale of data gets empowered from numerous data sources into one single Excel sheet. It gives you the opportunity to make connections between complicated data. Also, helps in creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

10. What do you mean by DAX?

To perform an analysis on data and for calculation in power Pivot, DAX (Data Analysis Expression) is utilized.

-Modify or insert data using DAX.

-Dax work on column values.

-Calculated columns can be calculated but the same thing cannot be done for rows using DAX.

11. Describe the default visual interaction in Power BI?

This should be ‘Drill Mode On’ and we can set this to on off. In case you keep it off we need to change the settings without fail. It is important hence to keep the default to ‘Drill Mode on’.

These are some of the best interview questions for Microsoft Power BI technology. Don’t forget to share with us any new questions and trends you see around you. All the best from OrangeTree Global!