Top free COVID data resources for Analytics professionals.

Data has always been a crucial part of research, development and studies. The Coronavirus pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill. Thousands of people were affected by the virus and many lost their lives. At the time of such an emergency, all the nations joined hands to fight against the virus and control the spread. Health care workers, medical researchers, scientists and officials were on the front lines combating the problem. In such a predicament, the necessity to maintain and update data was more than ever. Organisations have collected numerous information which can now be used by public to allow maximum participation. The free dataset can be used by anyone.

Here is a list of top free dataset that you can use in this COVID-19 pandemic.  

John Hopkins COVID-19 dataset

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2020 was a challenging time for everyone. The COVID-19 virus has affected millions of people worldwide and is continuing to do so. That is why, in such a scenario, maintaining and updating data is very essential. Johns Hopkins University (JHU CCSE) has been one university which was among the first ones to start collecting data. They started as early as from the last week of January.

It has its data from various sources. World Health Organisation (WHO), National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHC), Hong Kong Department of Health were among the few. Apart from this, information from various news agencies, government portals were taken. This free dataset is easily available for anyone to use.

You can easily get information such as number of confirmed, suspected, recovered cases. Also, you can know where they are located, their country, state, etc. It can be used to create interactive, real-time dashboards, healthcare analytics and various machine learning models.

Free dataset by MaskedFace-Net

COVID-19 pandemic has made wearing masks normal and necessary. To contain the virus from spreading, people should wear the masks properly. Yet a large number of people either aren’t wearing masks or wearing it improperly. Therefore, we need a recognition system which can check if the mask is covering the required areas properly.

MaskedFace-Net is one such free dataset which is available online. It is a computer vision dataset. The free dataset contains over 60K images of masked faces. It gives you realistic images of faces. Having realistic masked face dataset gives you two advantages. Firstly, it helps you detect people who are or aren’t masked. Secondly, it allows you to detect people who have worn masks correctly or incorrectly. For instance, this can be very helpful at crowded places, say malls or airports. We can train the deep learning models to identify masked and improperly masked people by using the free dataset. Also, you can use this free dataset for facial detection, image classification, etc.

Find the free dataset here.

Free dataset by CORD-19

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The White House and many leading research groups together have prepared the Covid-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a resource of over 200K scholarly articles, having over 100K full texts about COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and related coronavirus. This free dataset can be used to perform various NLP tasks such as text mining, text classification, NER, healthcare analytics etc. It is freely available so that research teams can use it with AI techniques to come up with insights to fight the virus.

Free dataset of COVID-19 in India

This free dataset consists of information received from various states and union territories in India at daily level. For instance, it contains daily COVID cases, individual level details, numbers of COVID tests that are being conducted on a daily basis. It also contains information such as the number of hospital beds available in each state, population of the state and also travel history of the infected people.

You can get the free dataset right here.

Google’s Covid-19 Public Dataset

In the time of this Coronavirus pandemic, the whole world has united to fight against the virus. To play its part, Google on 15th September made its Covid-19 public dataset, the Global Health data from the World Bank, and OpenStreetMap repositories public. It can now be accessed freely by researchers, data scientists. Apart from this, it has also allowed researchers use BigQuery ML to train their machine learning models for free. Moreover, the free dataset is made available with the vision of attracting researchers and enthusiasts to participate in the tussle to fight against the virus.

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AWS Covid-19 Data Lake

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In nerve-breaking times like the global pandemic itself, every organisation is making an effort to provide their contribution in the fight. As a result, Amazon too made its AWS Covid-19 Data Lake around Covid-19 freely available on internet. It is a centralised repository which has up-to-date, curated datasets. The free dataset is hosted on the AWS cloud, tracking data from John Hopkins, New York Times and Definitive Healthcare. It also takes it data from over 45k research articles about COVID-19 and other related coronaviruses presented from the Allen institute of AI. The free dataset can be used to do trend analysis, perform keyword search, healthcare analytics etc. It can also be used to build and run machine learning models.