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Our Excel certifications - base to advanced

Base & Intermediate Excel

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Advanced Excel Training

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base & intermediate certification

This is 5 day live program spread over 1 week / 10 hours Cost Rs4999/-

Session 1 (Base Excel)

In this session, we will focus on the basic features of Excel, which will form the foundation for the advanced features that we will cover in later sessions.

  1. Introduction to Excel
  • What is Excel and why is it important?
  • Excel interface and terminology
  1. Navigating the Workbook
  • Understanding the Workbook, Worksheets and Cells
  • Moving around the Worksheet.
  • Using the Go To and Find commands
  1. Entering and Editing Data
  • How to enter data into a cell
  • Formatting the text, numbers, and dates
  • Editing and deleting data
  1. Basic Calculations
  • Simple arithmetic calculations.
  • Using AutoSum for basic functions such as Sum, Average, Max, and Min
  • Creating formulas to perform calculations
  1. Formatting Worksheets
  • Formatting Cells to change appearance, including font, color, and borders
  • Using Conditional Formatting to highlight data
  • Adding and Modifying Styles
  1. Basic Charting
  • Creating a Chart in Excel
  • Formatting a chart using Chart tools
  • Adding and editing chart titles, legends, and axis labels.
Session 2 Intermediate Excel

In this session, we will build on the base Excel skills learned in session one and introduce more intermediate-level features.

  1. Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Working with functions such as IF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and COUNTIF
  • Using Logical Operators such as AND, OR, and NOT
  • Using Absolute and Relative Cell References
  1. Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Sorting data in ascending or descending order
  • Filtering data using AutoFilter and Advanced Filter
  • Sorting data by multiple criteria
  1. Tables and Pivot Tables
  • Creating a Table to manage data
  • Using PivotTables to analyze and summarize data
  • Modifying PivotTables to show data in different ways
  1. Data Validation
  • Setting Data Validation rules to control the type of data entered
  • Creating Custom Validation rules
  1. Conditional Formatting
  • Using Conditional Formatting to highlight data
  • Creating Custom Conditional Formatting rules
  • Managing Conditional Formatting rules
  1. Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Locking and Unlocking Cells to control access
  • Password protecting Worksheets and Workbooks

advanced excel certification

This is 5 day live program spread over 1 week / 10 hours Cost Rs5999/-

Session 3 (Advanced Excel)

In this session, we will cover some of the advanced features of Excel that are commonly used in business and finance.

  1. Advanced Charting
  • Creating a combination chart to show multiple data series in one chart
  • Adding Secondary Axis to a chart
  • Adding Data Labels, Trendlines and Error Bars to a chart
  1. Advanced PivotTables
  • Grouping data by Date, Time or Custom Groups
  • Calculated Fields and Items
  • Sorting and Filtering in PivotTables
  1. Goal Seek, Solver, and Scenario Manager
  • Using Goal Seek to find a result based on a target value
  • Using Solver to find optimal solutions to problems with constraints
  • Using Scenario Manager to explore different scenarios
  1. Macros and VBA
  • Recording and Running Macros
  • Writing Macros using VBA
  • Editing and Debugging Macros
  1. Data Analysis ToolPak
  • Installing and Using the Data Analysis ToolPak
  • Descriptive Statistics and Frequency Distribution
  • Regression Analysis and Correlation Coefficient
Session 4 (Advanced Excel II)

In this session, we will continue with more advanced features of Excel that are useful for data analysis and reporting.

  1. Advanced Data Analysis
  • Using Text functions to manipulate text
  • Using Lookup functions