Data Science and Analytics: My story so far.
Data Sciences alumnus- Mr. Tanmay Sarkar.

Welcome to the first episode of the series “My story so far”. Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to alumni and students of OrangeTree Global across the world and sharing their stories of how they moved into Analytics and words of wisdom they may have for freshers who are looking at joining. Sincere, hardworking and focussed. These are traits common to most of them. You will be surprised to see most had humble beginnings but have grown to find their calling.

We start off this series with Mr Tanmay Sarkar. Tanmay is a Data Science Specialist at Genpact. Technically brilliant, a voracious reader and a proponent of simple living and high thinking @Tanmay was a brilliant student and great colleague.

What are you currently responsible for doing in your job?

Suppose, you are using Amazon’s payment gateway for completing the transaction. That’s a product/ feature from Amazon’s perspective. There is a person who takes care of that product. I have a similar role in data science products. I help data science developers to maintain & grow these products based on customer needs.

When did you realize data science is “the thing” for you?

During my college days, I loved mathematical statistics, operation research, numerical analysis, etc. I used to wonder, if I could use these in my job. And, that was a wish only. Later, I was really searching for quantitative jobs. My first job was in a start-up technology firm. There, I got my first exposure in quantitative software development. That was a financial product. So, I did my post-graduation in Financial Analysis. After completing the degree, I was in a dilemma – where should I go – finance or technology! Finally, I chose technology, and OrangeTree Global had a significant role there.

How was your initial experience when you started to learn data science? What difficulties did you face?

Data science has always been a fun. I still follow the same approach which I followed years back – get an overview, jump into the application, and repeat the same at different depths. The most challenging part was to determine on what to study while entering a job market. It is very confusing for any fresher.

In your journey of becoming a data scientist, what do you think was the most difficult phase?

Almost everything is available in the public domain. Inside the profession, we do not do something very different. But there will be 3 challenges –

a) Is your solution capable of handling huge amount of data (millions of rows and thousands of variables)?

b) How do you include business rules inside the solution?

c) Are you sure that your client is really looking for the solution which you are planning to build? 😀

Why did you choose OrangeTree Global? How did you come to know about it?

As I have said earlier, I was in a dilemma after my post-graduation – “finance or technology”. And finally, I decided to follow my instinct. I was searching for analytics education providers and came to know about OrangeTree Global. I visited OrangeTree’s office and felt like, “I would get something from here”. Also, it echoed with my tendency towards quantitative solutions. So, I enrolled.

What are your tips for a beginner who is just starting to learn data science?

a) If you have a tendency to study every day, you will flourish in data science.

b) If you have a tendency to see everything as a process, you will flourish in data science.

c) If you have a tendency to make life more efficient, you will flourish in data science.

You must have found some of the answers. However, if you have any other questions, please post them in the comments section. Keep following the series as there is more to come. You can also learn more about Mr. Tanmay Sarkar by clicking here.