This is their 6th report since 2016

December 9, 2019

Those who are familiar with AIM and the great work their have been doing in the field of data science and machine learning the past decade will know that their industry reports are something to look forward too. Immaculately designed and thoroughly researched, the reports provide a back bone of many professional decisions.

The data science/analytics job report, presented by Analytics India Magazine (AIM), provides a broad study of the data science job landscape, covering profiles and roles requiring analytics competencies and skills. This is their sixth report on this trend.

The research provides a holistic view of the talent market that was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and its recovery since the lockdown restrictions were lifted. The report highlights the upswing in data science/analytics jobs in the post-pandemic world and the factors that have led to it.

This study includes a snapshot of advertised jobs in key data science roles and an overview of potential career opportunities across different skills and educational qualifications. The insights about the talent market in this study assist stakeholders in developing better plans/strategies around the recruiting process, as having a broader view of the market allows them to target the right talent faster across different categories.

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